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Welcome to Nihar Arogya Mandir

Naturopathy Treatment

Natural Treatment Or Naturopathy Or Nature Cure Is A Methodical And Scientific System.

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Diet Chart

According to this therapy, the food must be taken moderately in natural form. 

Anupan - Our Monthly Magazine

Anupan Is Your Ever-Ready Companion It Acts As Lubricant Whenever Friction Arises

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Welcome to Nihar Arogya Mandir

Established in 1994. For several years, many patients have  availed naturopathy treatment free of cost. Initially started at Bakarsha’s Wadi at  Pirana, Ahmedabad. Then at Swaminarayan Mandir, Ahmedabad. Here also a large number of patients took naturopathy consultations and treatment.

In 1994 itself, at Sabarmati Jail, Ahmedabad, imparted Habits, Diet & Yoga training in an innovative and easy way to a batch of forty prisoners for three months while they were serving life sentence. In 2000, a centre for free naturopathy treatment was run at Preksha Vishwa Bharati Kendra (a Jain institution) for some time where a large number of patients had benefited. From July 2011 to December 2011, several villages in Kapadwanj Taluka were provided free treatment through Nihar Charitable Trust.

Be it Nihar Arogya Mandir or Nihar Charitable Trust, non affording patients have always received free treatment (or have paid a lower fee) and this shall continue in future also. For first two years, the treatment was provided almost at free of cost level. But free treatment has its dangers. It is die-hard  human nature  that free services are never taken seriously and some people even make fun of it. So, some practical re-packaging was called for. As the human nature is, the new packaging was accepted quickly and seems to work far better. Several booklets published by Nihar have been freely distributed (rather than being sold) and this has made it possible for the booklets and ANUPAN to reach more than 5,00,000 Gujarati  readers. 

Anupan - Our Monthly Magazine

'Anupan' is a Monthly Magazine explaining Life-Style in simple language. 'Anupan' covers the topics such as Naturopathy, simple Ayurved, Yoga, Aasanas, Proper Diet, interview Of patient cured by Naturopathy, benefits obtained by changing Habits, modern impartial developments, unfavourable results due to side-effects of  medicines, Junk Food, Soft Drinks (But Hard To Digest!) Etc.


Natural Remedies



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